Homfor Parking Solution

Parking Dimming

A range of specific products to optimize power consumption in high turnover parking and indicate the availability and location of places for users.

Lighting is 42% of the energy consumption of a car park. The control of the parking ilumianción means a saving effective and immediate.

Our solution to control lighting of parking, is easy to install and configure, and is composed of the following modules:

  • Homfor IP Gateway is used to display the status of the installation and configure the system.
  • Wireless dimmer for fluorescent or LED that are responsible for regulating the illumination of car park.
  • Wireless sensors for presence and busy place detection, that inform the system of the presence of people and the availability of free parking spaces.

Parking Wireless Dimmer

Setting the Homfor IP Gateway the levels of dimming based on time, the presence of people and cars are fixed, so that even if presence is detected the lighting is dimming strictly necessary by the current regulations and not the nominal of the lamps, which usually is higher.

Software parking solution
It is scalable, you can get a implantanción partial tender and expanding in time.

This allows 85% savings and a short payback period.