Homfor Energy Efficiency Audit Solution

The energy audits have a difficulty with the data collection. The measurements must be made over a long period of time, which justifies leaving data logging equipment into the building to study after these measurements.

Our solution allows you to put all kinds of wireless sensors over facility where measurement. These sensors will capture different measures depending on the chosen sensor and transmit it through the mesh of sensors to the gateway where it will be stored. The auditor may distribute the sensors in the building where he wants to take measurements without limitation, adapting to the type of building.

After the measurement period, the auditor may withdraw sensors for use in another audit. Data recorded on the gateway have been downloaded by internet or after removal of the gateway in your own office.

This solution consists of:

  • Homfor IP Gateaway
  • Wireless sensors of temperature, humidity and light
  • Wireless sensors measuring energy
  • Wireless sensors contact temperature, for pipes measuring
  • Wireless sensors measuring pulses, for obtaining measures of counters