What do I need?

Depending on the type of installation, you will need different devices but will always have to use a network switch, preferably with PoE outputs (If PoE is not available, see this). Obviously this depends on the type of installation and the number of users. Larger facilities will need to be designed by a network professional.

Regarding the tipology of the instalation we divide in two groups:

-One-to-one. A type of installation in which we have a unique Homfor IP DoorCom, and a single device to receive calls. In this case nothing more is required than the network.

-Many-to-many. A type of installation in which one or more Homfor IP DoorCom call to multiple devices. It will require a PABX with Astrisk. This PABX should be sized according to the number of users and the simultaneous conversations. For small installations can use our Homfor IP Gateway that supports Asterisk and its price is very low.