Quick Setup

Setup Homfor IP Doorcom is web bassed. You don't need to install any software, just use your favorite web browser. No matter if you use a Windows-based PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, all options are valid.

Here you will see how easy and fast is to configurate this product.

Step 1

Open your browser and type the IP address of Homfor IP Doorcom. After logon, the sysem information will be shown.

 Setting HID Step 1

Step 2

Click on Configuration menu. On left side you can change the IP address if is needed by clicking on Network menu.

In SIP menu you have to introduce the IP of the VoIP server in the field "Register"

Config03 400

In "Acount Settings" menu you have to introduce the sip account of Homfor IP Doorcom as in Asterisk.

Config04 400

Now Click on "Admin" menu and reboot Homfor IP Doorcom to apply the new settings.

Config02 400

If your Asterisk has been configurated, Homfor IP Doorcom with register in Asterisk and emite two beeps after restart.

Now, you can make a test by dialing directly from "Dial a Number" option in "Admin" menu.

Step 3

Go to "Address Book" to add all extesions that you want to call from Homfor IP Doorcom

Config05 400


Step 4

Go to "Keyboard" to configure the keyboard layout. There are two operating modes:

  • Advance. When you have a numeric pad
  • Basic. To configure direct call buttons

If your model has direct call buttons, here you define with areas are for call and whom.

Config07 400

If you have an Homfor IP Doorcom witrh display,maybe you would like to change the shown texts. Click on "Display" menu to do it.

Config06 400


Step 5

Click "Status" menu to check Homfor IP Doorcom is registered.

Config08 400

Click on "Admin" menu and reboot to apply all settings.