Homfor IP Doorcom

Homfor IP DoorCom is a outdoor intercom solution with IP technology. This allows you to receive calls from your door in your phones, mobile phones and computers anywhere in the world.

It is compatible with the worldwide standard for Voice over IP, SIP. No license required to receive your calls on any device, there is a range of free applications that can use SIP phones and a variety of features and prices.

At home, Homfor IP DoorCom is integrated into your home IP network. No additional wiring required, a net connection is enough, no aditional power is needed because it is powered over Ethernet PoE. This simplifies wiring installation. No specific wiring for intercom or their power sources is required.

You'll enjoy all the connectivity that the Internet provides for intercom calls. You can receive the call on your mobile phone and open the door if you want.

At the office, DoorCom Homfor  IP makes easy to handle calls from the door on your office phones. You can turn on forwarding calls or answering machines during out of office hours.

You can also use Homfor IP DoorCom as intercom in warehouses. Its easy installation and the large number of extensions supported by Asterisk  makes this intercom system the ideal solution if you need a single or several points of communication.

Technical Specifications

  • LAN / IP Integration 
  • Compatible with all Asterisk based PBX
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • VoIP Protocol: SIP-RTP
  • Power: PoE or 12VDC
  • Simple internal web server configuration
  • Firmware upgradeable via web
  • Configuration and agenda backup via web
  • Door open and other services from internal phone keypad.
  • Two user-configurable outputs for activation gating, lights, etc. usable by dialing a code during the call
  • Version with pushbuttons or call display.
  • Version with and without camera
  • Optional modules for access control