Temperature, Humidity and Light Wireless Sensor

This is a tiny wireless modem with three high precission sensors, and a very low power consumption that allows the system being powered by a standard widely-available cheap 9V battery. The sampling interval and radio power transmition are configurable on-the-fly, so you can extend the 2-year minimum battery life even more.

The Homfor Wireless System allows you to easily create a mesh network with a large number of devices interconnected, and extend the range with repeaters.The sensor data is sent wirelessly to the Homfor IP Gateway wich works as a processing and storage server connected to the Internet (or an Intranet).

Measurements of temperature, humidity and light may be routed to KNX, so you can easily expand your KNX installation to places where it is not possible to wire.

The gateway Web server provides access to all the data, real-time generated graphic charts and alarms, and daily CSV reports. An API allows integrating all sensor and alarm data in SCADA systems easily.

Technical Specifications

Temperature range -25~85 ºC
Temperature resolution 0.1 ºC
Humidity range 0~100 %
Humidity resolution 1 %
Light range 0~188,000 lux
Light resolution 1 lux
Battery 9 V Standard PP3 6LR61
Estimated autonomy 2 years
Frecuency 868/915 Mhz
Outdoor range 200 m
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 26 mm

Temperature, Humidity and Light Wireless Sensor