Homfor IP Gateway


This box of 190 x 145 x 50 mm contains many surprises. And one of them is its price.

This is a Power-PC with no moving parts ready to work hard at your facilities and has unlimited functionality thanks to full Debian Linux installed. Homfor IP Gateway is the platform for many new applications that can integrate and born as a professional open tool and full configurable.

Its connectivity IP-USB-RS232-KNX-RF is within reach for integrating all the systems you want. You can manage it remotely without having to travel to the facility to perform any upgrade or update.

One application of the IP Gateway Homfor is KNX visualization. We developed an API so the integrator can develop a fully customized web visualization and integrate other facility systems that allow management via html, as IP cameras, distributed audio, etc. Here you can host the web that integrates all building systems.

During installation, you can use our simple visualization to provide service to the facility while performing the custom visualization. Within minutes you can offer your customers a quick visualization of the facility that will help to check the facilities while completing the program.

Homfor IP Gateway

Other applications available:

• Powerful programming module for performing complex logics

• Bidirectional gateway between KNX and our range of wireless devices

Consumption management together with our wireless consumption meters

Monitoring of indoor air quality with our air quality wireless sensors

• Asterisk PBX for small installations as our door comunication VoIP, Homfor IP DoorCom

• Connection to external databases for data dump of KNX and wireless devices

• Many other Linux applications can run in parallel