Bidirectional network of intelligent micro wireless transmitters

Control technology and bidirectional communication architecture based on a network of micro modules connected wirelessly with independent processing capacity. Modules can be connected to sensors or other devices to take data and order execution. Modules are like puzzle pieces that are located in areas where action is required (data collection, performance or transmission). The wireless modules are fed by micro batteries, except those with relay which are powered with 220 VAC.

The transmission of data or command is made through the modules themselves thereby form a network.Each is module is programmed with its route and receives confirmation of their "target module" when it transmit, and in case of contingency, an  alternative routes are used for ensure the transmition.

Modules can be grouped by physical or logical functional sets. The wireless communication network is interconnected with a central unit, which in our case is the Homfor IP Gateway, although according to the design of the network architecture several modules may act upon another module directly, for example to command action ON / OFF in function of a datum achieved. This controller is the one that allows information locally (KNX) or tele command it offers.