Video, but Keyboard or Direct Call Buttons?

You have chosen a solution with video but do need a keyboard or prefer direct call buttons?

With the keyboard you can call to many extensions. In combination with the display you can browse the directory by using the arrow keys and confirm the call by pressing on OK. In addition you can activate the door opener from the door station by entering a secret code. This code can be modified online by the user in a simple way as many times as required. By pressing the apartment number may also make a direct call extension without having to navigate in the display. If you choose the option of the keyboard, your homfor IP Doorcom will have display.

On the other hand, if you have few extensions where to call, you may find it more convenient the option of direct call buttons. You have up to 16 customizable touch zones that can be configured as direct call buttons. You can define as many buttons to use and be labeled texts. Our manufacturing system by computer transfers your designto the plate by gravure. These texts will never be erased or affect by the weather like in other products that use paper labels for labeling.

HID Conf Video KeyBoard HID Conf Video PushButtons

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